Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wheels within wheels

India eNews: US forces storm Iranian consulate in Iraq
Meanwhile, a source close to the Kurdistani government said the administration was unaware of the US plans to raid the Iranian consulate and did not know the purpose of the operation.

After raiding the consulate, the US forces headed for Eikawa district, which hosts foreign companies and countries' representatives. Security forces of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan (KDP) reportedly surrounded three US military vehicles to prevent them from further action.

International Herald-Tribune:Iranians detained in raid on consulate in Iraq

IRNA also quoted an Iraqi Kurdish security official, whom it did not name, as saying that Kurdish forces were responsible for maintaining security in Erbil, including protecting the consulate. American forces "disarmed the Kurdish guards of the consulate and used force to enter the building," IRNA quoted the Kurdish official as saying.

Kind of scary to antagonize your best allies in the country.

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