Monday, January 22, 2007

A rising tide of ambivalence

Indianapolis Star: Colleges hotbeds of ambivalence over war
War traditionally has not been popular with students, going back to the Civil War, when people burned draft cards, and the more famous Vietnam-era protests, said Michael McGinnis, an IU political science professor.

He said the move to a volunteer military has allowed students to distance themselves somewhat from the war in Iraq. Since the draft ended, he said, student activism has declined.

"It doesn't mean that they aren't as interested, but it does takes away the intensity of feeling," he said.

Many students aren't worried about a military draft returning, but it's in the back of their minds.

That's why there has been no massive uprising on the campus a la the 60's. They not more or less noble than the college kids of the 60's, they just don't have skin in the game.

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News Agent said...

Many young people I have met are conservative, unlike the 60's. They listen to their parents and want to live a good life sold to them by their parents and business. They look around and know something is wrong but they just can’t figure out what it is.

Also remember that it doesn't really matter what youth do since everything revolves around the Boomers and their belief of what they see the world as. There are more of them and too few young people to make a social dent. You would have to have almost every young person 30 years and under out on the streets to wake them up.

It doesn't help that protests feel pointless, draw on anger and destruction and often give more rules handed down by those in power to make things worse. And after a protest boomers end up only seeing that their lawn got messy and complain and write yet more rules.

The only thing that will wake up the Boomers is a major financial shock. Even the younger generation, as we struggle to live, are told by Boomers how hard they had it and to just be long suffering it will work out. I feel like they are telling me, someday you too will win the lotto if you wait long enough. They don’t realize the only way to get a better paying job for most of us is to quit our first job and find another one, as pay is stuck or going down. So we are forced to leap frog up the ladder.

I care about my parents but they have no clue what is going on in the world. They have established jobs, very skilled in what they do and will close the door on everyone when they retire. As job hopers we don’t have that opportunity to be skilled at anything. The executives also will close the door and move those jobs out saying they can’t find skilled labor. Everyone is closing the door on this generation in America and all we may be left with are barbarians at the gates and blood on our hands.

I've been really negative since 2001, a long time it seems. I wish I could focus on something positive; a good direction in life but there is nothing much left to choose from on this downward spiral. I feel like I need to win the lotto in order to gain traction in our society and then stay on top of the dog pile of capital investment. I surely can’t do that by selling my labor as it is worth less everyday while costs of living only seem to go up.

The rich thugs have won. We have lost and the only thing that will finally make it real is an economic bust. Then the game begins again, but the thugs always start with the upper hand way down the road setting up trip wires. And after a generation all will be forgotten and they will return until humanity truly learns their lesson globally.