Thursday, January 11, 2007

FMCSA courageously takes on incompetent liars

The morons who took nearly two decades to write hours of service rules (quickly tossed out by the courts for not meeting the explicit instructions of Congress from back in 1984) have now finally written a rule concerning Electronic Onboard Recorders (EOBRS) for trucks and busses (only 12 years after Congress told them to)The Trucker:Proposed EOBR rule would make device mandatory for only serious HOS violators, at least this one only took 12 years.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration this morning issued a proposed rule on Electronic On-board Recorders (EOBRs) that for most of the industry would make use of the devices voluntary.

Under the proposal announced here by FMCSA Administrator John Hill, only some 930 truck and bus companies that had been subjected to at least two compliance reviews within the past two years would required to use the devices for a minimum of two years.

If adopted, Hill said FMCSA estimated that within the first two years that the rule is enforced approximately 930 carriers with 17,500 drivers would be required to use EOBRs..

To expand use of the devices among the more than 650,000 motor carriers in the U.S., the incentives for voluntarily installation include using an examination of a random sample of drivers’ records of duty status as part of a company compliance review and partial relief from HOS supporting documents requirements.

So we took 12 years to write a rule that applies to less than one percent of the industry. George Bush's administration is hard at work protecting us all.

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