Monday, June 11, 2007

The Web just got TiVO'd

Watched coverage of Apple's WWDC event. One of the new features of Leopard will be the ability to "cut out" part of a web page and have an auto updating "widget" on the desktop. So I could go to CNN's website, pick my favorite section and snip it and have that part of the page auto updating on my desktop. Most likely the user won't be including any of the ads in the "snipped" section. In a way this is the ultimate end of the ad blockers, user doing like they do with their TiVOs choosing the content they want and excising ads and filler(ie all the content they don't want).

I've seen plenty of complaints about Rupert Murdoch bidding for Dow Jones, but the business case for ad sponsored content is going away. Eventually most media might revert to sponsors much like the medieval artists, wealthy people with outsized egos who will own newspapers as trophy assets and employ journalists to paint a picture of the World as they see it.

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