Monday, June 25, 2007

Now, THAT'S a "MaxxForce" engine!

BigLorryBlog:It's what Biglorryblog has been saying all along--MAN's vee-eight BIG banger has got the power 680hp of it!
It's big it's's been predicted by Biglorryblog for ages and now it's finally here. Or it will be in time for the RAI Show. Yes the long-awaited V8 'Big banger' from MAN (which is also used by the crane maker Liebherr) has finally broke cover with 680hp and 3,000 throbby newton meters of torque on tap. Thus the MAN V8 'leapfrogs' the Volvo FH16 660 by a 'massive' become 'the most powerful series truck in Europe'.

Now, International has a worthy big brother to those 11 and 13 liter motors they're buying from MAN. Be a nice way to displace some of those CATs from under the hood of the 9900i's they flog as a premium truck (premium in our context means the basic design hasn't changed in 20 years). I only wonder if they have the guts to do it. By the way those MAN cabovers sure would make a nice 9800 series.

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