Monday, May 14, 2007

PBS bowing to La Raza

CNN: Latinos give PBS a History Lesson

There is an ongoing battle between filmmaker Ken Burns and a coalition of Hispanic veterans, organizations and lawmakers over plans by Burns and the Public Broadcasting System to release a documentary on World War II that ignores the 500,000 Hispanics who fought in the war.

Now there could be a truce. After initially insisting that he wouldn't make any changes, Burns said last week that he would re-edit the film to add stories about Hispanic soldiers -- not as an addendum as was suggested earlier in a lame compromise, but as part of the film itself.

This is what the "multiculturalism" (i.e. anti-European culture) revolution has wrought. Once PBS fellates this vocal minority, who's to say who should be left out? Over 16 million Americans Served in the Second World War, so this documentary is being derailed because advocacy groups think 3% of those who served should get marquee placement. I would wager a hell of a lot more folks of Scot, Irish, and German heritage fought. Should each of these groups get their 15 minutes? What bout Poles? Why not slice it by Religions? We could spend time lauding the achievements of Mormons, Pentecostals, Catholics, Presbyterians, etcetera. We could even work in Social Clubs: Knights, Masons, and Elks. Oh my! I hope Mr. Burns didn't have any plans for his screen time beyond giving gold stars to all of the very, very, very special subgroups.

The folks pushing for the political rewriting of history are the same ones who claim we are helpless to deal with 12 million illegal immigrants. They are unworthy of those they pretend to defend, who took on the greatest challenge of the century and prevailed.

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