Sunday, May 13, 2007

Good Clean Fun

The Evangelical Outpost:A Lesson in Web Etiquette for the Huffington Post

The Family Research Council caught one of the Huffington Post's loony-left bloggers swiping bandwidth, so they didn't get mad, they got even. Aforementioned loony left blogger, shown by subsequent events to be incapable of learning from his mistakes, reacts by calling everyone involved racists and muttering darkly that they haven't seen the last of him before stomping off to cry in the corner. One of the first lessons I learned in school was if you think you're being picked on making a big scene complaining about it doesn't make it go away. Of course, one could also note the loony left's propensity for character assassination even as they condemn it.

One of the depressing things about the likely Democratic Victory is the Kossacks are going to be sure that it represents an endorsement of their ideas and style. The upside is the inevitable backlash will be epic. Some of the out there Liberal bloggers have some decent things to say, but they haven't learned yet that calling everyone who disagrees with you a racist Christofascist has the same charm value as calling everyone who disagrees with you a Socialist Defeatocrat. Hopefully the grownups will eventually rise to the fore.

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