Sunday, March 11, 2007

Teacher advocates Teacher Full Employment

Tribune-Star:Schools, privatization concern Valley constituents
Skinner also addressed his proposed legislation on homeschool regulations.

“There’s very little regulation in that area, and I’m concerned,” he said. “Here we’re setting standards, increasing standards, making teachers and schools more accountable, what are we doing here? We’re making exceptions for that accountability and I don’t think that’s the direction we want to go.”

Scott Moore, of the Vigo County School Corporation, representing Superintendent Dan Tanoos said he is concerned about senate bill 56.

The bill, introduced by Sen. Teresa Lubbers (R–30, Indianapolis), would allow anyone who has earned a postgraduate degree and has taught any grade level (including college) for at least a year, to be certified to teach in the subject area for which the person holds a degree.

Moore said, “If I have a college education, I can be hired without [traditional teacher] certification.”

Rep. Kersey and Sen. Skinner, both teachers, expressed frustration with the bill, saying it would undermine efforts to improve classroom instruction.

So Skinner is against people having the right to educate their own children as they see fit and opposes efforts to increase the pool of teachers (with people who might have learned more about what they're trying to teach as opposed to the latest fads in "education"). He must have learned in his Department of Education certified teacher's program about supply and demand! I wonder if there might be a conflict of interest?

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