Saturday, March 03, 2007

Carbon caps, gay marriage, and the dark art of being a Shrewd servant

Some businesses have went on the record being in favor of carbon caps recently. The most convincing explanation I have heard for this sudden "green" push is business groups figure a carbon cap is coming and want a hand in drawing up the rules.

Hearing the news made me think of gay marriage oddly enough. Right now the Socially conservative wing of the Republican party has been able to keep gay marriage on the other side of the 50 yard line. But the line of scrimmage is slowly (but steadily) being pushed back. To break the analogy a bit, the Republicans are probably facing a shrinking team and a growing opponent's team as the consequences of the Bush term play out. At some point the Democrats are going to push it through. It might be in 2 years, it might be in 2 decades but it is coming. Right now the right could strike deal with the sane members of the Democratic party that would allow some form of gay marriage, but build a fence around churches' tax exempt status., I doubt we'll get such an offer from the Eels

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