Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ever heard of a "hacker"?

CCJ:Is that really your driver?

Qualcomm recently announced it soon will release a Web-based vehicle security and driver management tool called Vehicle Command Control (VCC) that will integrate with the Magtec product through its OmniTracs platform. A dispatcher at the office would be able to use the VCC to manage driver authentication codes and truck identifications, change codes over the air and even disable a moving vehicle, if necessary.

Is it just me or does making an internet based tool that can disable a commercial vehicle have some risk? I mean, it's great that we can shut down a hijacked truck loaded with hazmat, but it seems this would have the potential for mischief. Say Mr. Islamo-hacker decides to shut down all of a fleets tankers, 99% of them might stop safely, but if one is rearended on the Dan Ryan it could cause significant mayhem. I'm sure that precautions will be taken, it's just that the consequences of a lapse are a lot more severe than some hacker text on a web page.

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