Monday, October 01, 2007

"Terrorism" has jumped the shark

The Newspaper:Chicago, Illinois Suburbs: No Mercy Speed Traps

Police in Chicago, Illinois suburbs are citing terrorism as a reason for "no mercy" speed traps where every motorist stopped by police -- other than fellow police officers -- receives a traffic citation. A Chicago Sun-Times analysis found that a total of thirty towns had a policy where more than 90 percent of drivers stopped must be ticketed.

"There's a lot of people who come in and out, and with all this terrorism and everything else that's going on, we have zero tolerance," North Chicago Police Sergeant Sal Cecala told the Sun-Times. "There's no breaks for the officers to give."

I still remember working the Christmas after 9/11 at an ecommerce distribution center. They tried to play the terrorism card there claiming the increasingly intrusive searches of employees. Of course they only searched us on the way out.....

But in the present Republican "Liberty through Tyranny" environment I'm sure Officer Cecala is on the short list for Guiliani's cabinet.

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