Friday, July 06, 2007

Congress is led by its wallet

Jim Jubak:Congress Follows the Money on Energy
The names may change in Congress. Democrats may replace Republicans in the majority. But when it comes to energy legislation, the same rule always applies: Money talks.

So is it any surprise that agribusiness, a sector that gave $44.6 billion to Democratic and Republican candidates in the last election cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, came out the big winner in the energy bill passed by the Senate on June 21? The oil-and-gas industry, which gave $19.1 billion as part of a natural-resources sector that gave $46.4 billion, didn't do too badly, either.

Never mind that Food prices are going through the roof thanks to the current Ethanol boondoggle and Energy Companies that are earning record profits somehow need tax breaks to stay in business (poor little rich boys, why they're regular Richie Riches)

Update: See also Mark Shea: What I mean by "Incestuous Political Class"

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