Sunday, April 01, 2007

Family Values strike again

Heavy Duty Trucking:Family Values
C.R. England was started in 1920 by Chester England with a Model T truck. Today, grandson Dan England is chairman of the Salt Lake City-based carrier, which runs more than 3,000 tractors.
A look at the management team reveals a number of third- and fourth-generation Englands running the company. Just to name a few: Gene England (Dan's father) is president; Dean England (Dan's brother) is CEO; another brother, Todd, is executive vice president of maintenance; another brother, Corey, is vice president of operations support.
It's that longevity and family that set C.R. England apart from the competition, says Dan. "I represent the third generation; we have many in the fourth generation that are now in top management. We've been able to maintain that continuity of a family business. There are certain principles or values the family has, and I think we're able to maintain those principles in the running of the business."
For an example of those values, look at the company's effort to encourage employees to sign up as organ donors

The really touching thing is the number of folks who will have the opportunity to be organ donors . Another way the firm's family values play out is in their "unconscionable" contracts. Not to mention all the folks who aren't coming to the next reunion.

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