Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Another Day at the ice Capades

Well, the first day of Spring brought.....a snowstorm. Gotta love Indiana. As I drove across Indiana and into Ohio I saw lots of folks in the ditch or median. I even got a nice little scare when a U-Haul smacked the guardrail on the other side and then came across the median (fortunately he got it stopped just before he went English on me). That got me to thinking, my company just started using simulators to train drivers how to deal with skids, blowouts and such (stuff that isn't safe or economical to practice in real life), wouldn't it make sense to include such training in drivers ed classes? Either set up a central lab for the state and each school could take a one day field trip or use mobile labs and visit each school in the state. Of course while they're at it they should slip in a module about how to drive around trucks, but that's another story.

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