Sunday, February 19, 2006

What a nightmare

Last weekend went on the annual shopping spree, I had planned to buy a couple of Mac minis (one for me and one for the wifey) and make the Sawtooth the kids computer and sending the Radius system 100 (which is very ready) to retirement. Get to the store, see a sonnet 1.2 Ghz G4 upgrade and a sweet Radeon, decide to upgrade the G4 and buy one mini for the wifey. The installation was mostly painless (though I don't know how on earth Sonnet thinks that a "medium" screwdriver will work, needed a pretty fine one to get to the screws in the heat sink). Start the machine up, lots of zoom zoom. Big Smile. Insert SimCity 4, start playing, go about half an hour and kernel panic, bad word, bad word, bad word. Restart and instant kernel panic. Let it cool off then double check the installation. Download the latest ROM for the vid card and flash it, download the latest drivers, check Sonnet's site, already have the latest software. Since it's mainly flaking out in 3D games (takes about an hour in normal operation, 20-30 minutes in Simcity 4, 2-3 minutes in 4x4 evo 2) pull the Radeon 9800 and reinstall the Rage 128 :-( . Still no go, Use a spare partition and do a clean install of the OS. give it another try. Get a black screen lock up. Pull the Sonnet and am back to OS X's no stability (of course I'm not playing many 3D games now). So I'm taking the Sonnet and the Radeon (nothing I need a 9800 for is going to work with a 400 Mhz G4) back monday and going back to plan "a" and buying another mini.

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