Sunday, July 17, 2005

Border Security?

The CounterTerrorism Blog: Border Madness

So far this year, the Border Patrol has apprehended some 119,000 non-Mexican illegal aliens along the SW border. That is an increase of 175% over last year, which was itself a record year for such apprehensions. What is the reason Homeland Security officials give as why they believe these numbers have risen so dramatically? Incredibly, it is the Federal Government’s own policy of “catch and release.”

“Catch and release” refers, of course, to the policy of releasing on personal recognizance the vast majority of these non-Mexican illegal aliens after they are arrested and processed for removal proceedings. The aliens are served with “Notice to Appear” charging documents and then released, often being driven in Border Patrol vehicles to the nearest bus or train stations for onward transportation to wherever they are destined.

How long will it take for our elected officials to take Homeland Security Seriously? The Senate just voted to cut the number of new Border Patrol Agents and detention beds. Bush's open endorsement of an amnesty/work visa program encourages more illegal immigration (you only get a free pass if you're already here). The Mexican Government refuses to offer more help with Boder Security and threatens to agitate "militant" protests in the U.S. unless we offer another round of Amnesties

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